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Blog week 5

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This week we have been busy finalising for the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) event in Barcelona in 4 weeks time on Monday. We hope to see you there. Our first tribe for Tribe Tuesday was picked. It was a Tribe with an incredible number of steps (67000 to be precicse) since the launch of the app on Google Play and the App Store. They are also on there second challenge in 2 weeks. We had the first ever Feature Friday where we introduced you to the design of your profile.


In 4 weeks we will have our very own stand at the 4YFN in Barcelona. We will be displaying the app and all it’s features. There will also be the possibility to see what future developements we have got planned. So if you are there come and give us a visit in hall 6 stand number 6C31.2.


This week we had the very first Tribe Tuesday that we announced last week. This weeks Tribe was “Over the hill” with 67000 steps and 2 challenges complete. They have shown what StepTribe values by completing 2 challanges and we hope that this inspires you to do more steps and challenges.


This week we’re going to introduce you to your profile. You can customize your profile picture. Your total steps and hours show you how far and for how long you have been walking since you became a member. You can also see how many Challenges you’ve completed and how many Tribes you have been a part of. 



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