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Our Kickstarter campaign is coming soon!

Exciting news! Our campaign on the fundraising platform Kickstarter will open on Monday 6th of September. This is the first time StepTribe has looked for external funding in our journey to date so it is exciting times.

The journey of app development is a long but exciting one. So far we have built clickable prototypes that we have shared with different audiences in the UK, USA, Europe and in Australia. These prototypes have been tweaked so we now have the StepTribe product we want to develop.

The development is now underway. We are building the StepTribe Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with our outsourced development partner with which we have been working with now for over a year.

We are looking to raise £30,000 to bring the StepTribe app to the market by the end of 2021. We are very much hopefully you will feel willing to support us as we aim to get people more active through steps, and in time, be sponsored and do good for great causes that matter to our users.

In return for your support, in customary Kickstarter tradition, there will be some great rewards for you! Whether it is a lifetime founder member sticker next to your name on the app, or some StepTribe merchandise, or some tickets to our launch party, or even may be your business wants to be the first sponsor of StepTribe, we feel there is something for everyone.

You can sneak preview of our campaign here but you can’t actually support us until the campaign goes live on Monday.

It’s exciting times for StepTribe and I hope you can join us and be part of our journey! Thanks.

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