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Why your tribe is vital to you being more physically active

At StepTribe, we are banking on research that shows exercising as part of a group is beneficial. We know during lockdown that being together in a physical sense has been impossible. We also know that for many, friends and family are spread out geographically, making it impossible to exercise together. 

But whether you can be physically together or simply connecting online, creating your tribe of friends and family as you become more physically active has a huge benefit. 

Research shows that being part of a group that exercises increases your commitment to that exercise regime. Having a group that is relying on you to perform leads to a great chance that you will do so. Even if that group is online research shows that by signing up to that group your commitment will last longer than if you try to tackle your inactivity alone. 


When you are part of a group you will also push yourself harder and find that inner competitive edge that may be you never thought you had. When you see others performing to a certain level you will also strive to reach that level. Seeing others achieve their physical activity goals will also help inspire you to do the same. 

A group also supports and encourages you to exceed what you thought was possible. Being part of that team also makes you accountable for your actions. Both vitally important in helping you achieve you physical activity goals. 

Last but not least, for those times when you may not feel like doing anything, your tribe can help you with that external motivation for when you are struggling. That’s why your tribe is vitally important in helping you be physically active, and why StepTribe encourages you to participate with your friends and family, wherever they may be.