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Frequently Asked Questions!

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Thanks for downloading StepTribe. We have spent some time planning, prototyping and developing StepTribe. In order to bring StepTribe to market as quickly as possible we have kept features and complexity to a minimum. There is still plenty that we would like to do. This means some features work in certain, or even limited ways, so it’s important you, an important part of our journey, understand this. Hopefully, these questions and answers will help you to have a great experience with StepTribe. 

I always want to hear your feedback and ideas for future development. We want to get better…. And of course bigger. We can only do that with your comments. Please contact me directly – . I look forward to hearing from you. 

Should I set-up my Challenge or Tribe first?

You should set-up your Tribe, and ensure your Tribe is complete with all it’s members before you set-up your Challenge. 

How do I create a Tribe?

It’s easy to create a Tribe. Firstly, click on the Tribes tab. Then on the blue bar titled “Create a Tribe”. Here you can add a photo and give your Tribe a name. In the top right-hand corner there is a person and a + button. Click here to add other members to your Tribe. Very important – to do this you need to know all the user names of the people you want to add to your Tribe. Search for someone you want to add to the Tribe and click on add. Again very important – the user will receive an invite to your Tribe. They will not be in your Tribe until they have accepted your invitation. Once you have invited everyone you can click on create Tribe. Once your invitees have accepted your invite they will appear in your Tribe. 

How do I create a Challenge?

It’s important you create your full Tribe before your Challenge starts. So you can create your Challenge but ensure it starts at some point in the future to give your Tribe enough time to form! 

It’s easy to create your Challenge. Click on the Challenge tab. Then on the blue bar “Create Challenge”. You can add photo and give your Challenge a name. Then add your starting point and your finishing point by searching for the places using the search function. At this point you will see how many steps your Tribe will have to take to complete the Challenge. 

Then you can add the start date and time and end date and time. Be sure to make your Challenge testing enough but not impossible in the time you give yourself! Once you have done this you can click create Challenge and your Challenge will go live at the date and time you have set. 

How many Challenges can I compete in at anytime?

At the moment, you can only be in one Tribe and take part in one Challenge at any time. 

Can I cancel or restart a Challenge?

The only way you can cancel or restart a Challenge is to completely delete the Tribe. This cancels everything. You will then have to restart and recreate everything. For now, this is the only way you can cancel or restart anything. 

Can I invite more people to my Tribe at anytime?

No. You can only invite people to your Tribe before the start of any challenge. If you do not have a live Challenge you can add people to your Tribe and their steps will count.