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Why does being sponsored encourage people to be more active?

StepTribe is all about getting people active using tech. Our app aims to get people active through taking part in challenges. There are two main motivators within the StepTribe app.

Firstly, you can take part with friends and family and research tells us that when we are do something with others we are more likely to take part and do more than we thought possible.

Secondly, you will be able to be sponsored for your challenge to raise money for a great cause you care about. Again, we know through research that this encourages people to do more than they ever thought was possible.

A great example of charity sponsorship encouraging people to do more physical activity than they perhaps thought they could is the London Marathon. Just under 2 weeks ago thousands took to the streets of London to complete the famous 42.2km course and a large proportion of those were doing so for charity. An often overlooked fact is that, whilst 42.2km is a huge challenge, it is the training in the months leading up to it that is often the greatest challenge. Fitting in training around work and family can often be the biggest challenge in itself.

It is notoriously difficult to get a place to run in the London marathon so many people sign-up to raise money for charity to simply get a place. However, for the majority, being sponsored is a major encouragement to get active.

Being sponsored tells us we are making a difference to others. So not only is our increased activity benefitting us through better health but we know the end result will also be that someone less fortunate than us will also benefit.

Sponsorship also gives us a chance to say thank you. Many people run for a charity that they have been personally involved with. This gives us a chance to give something back to a charity that has really influenced us and the life of a friend or family member.

We know that committing to getting sponsorship for a charity and sharing your challenge and commitment through social media encourages participants to do more. You can easily doubt yourself when you are training alone but this commitment to a greater cause inspires people to go further and do more than they ever thought possible.

Lastly, when you watch the London marathon, you see lots of people, generally, having fun. Whether you are in fancy dress costume or wearing the t-shirt of a charity, the encouragement from supporters around the course often raises a smile, even at the darkest of times.

StepTribe believes that charity donation is equally important in encouraging people to be active through steps. That’s why when taking part in our challenges you will be able to be sponsored for a great community cause. Encouraging you to change the world. Together. One step at a time.

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