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Weekly Blog

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This week we have had a lot going on. From the app going live on Google Play and on the App Store, we have also announced Tribe Tuesday and Feature Friday. We are now starting a weekly blog so you know exactly what is happening in the coming weeks.

Tribe Tuesday

Tribe Tuesday is an initiative set up by the team here at Step Tribe. The initiative is to get people moving with friends and family. Every Tuesday we will select one tribe from the Tribe section of the app. We will be taking into account the profile itself so make sure to use a good name and nice profile picture. We will also be taking into account the number of steps your tribe has done that week.

Feature Friday

Every Friday from next week, we will be introducing you to a different feature of the app. Feature Friday will ensure that you can have the best possible experience on our app.

The app

The app is now live on both Google Play and the Apple App Store for free so go download it now. Join the app and set up a Tribe with your Friends, Family, and Colleagues. Then go and create a challenge and walk to wherever you want to go.